PZ19 Provider


The original launch of PZ19 PROVIDER
PZ19 PROVIDER was built in Porthleven by OLIVERS at a cost of £1,285 ten shillings and sixpence and launched on 28th April 1955.
Provider in a sorry state at a boatyard on Canvey Island.

The Provider was not the last wooden boat to be built in Porthleven, but the last of the bigger boats to be built by boatbuilders Oliver & Sons.

Olivers was set up in 1907 and closed in 1961. During that period the firm constructed a total of 87 fishing boats, 38 lifeboats for the Royal Navy and 55 rowing boats sized between 8ft and 13ft 6ins.

Dr. Carol Williams first contacted me earlier this year asking if I had anymore information regarding PZ19 `PROVIDER` that was listed on the Porthleven Fishing Boats web page. Unfortunately, I did`nt but this did not deter her from investigating further and I am very privileged to be able to announce that after a huge amount of work and much persuasion from Carol, the `Provider` returned to Porthleven on SATUDAY 29th September 2007 to the old shipyard.

Carol discovered her laying in a sorry state in a boatyard in Canvey Island. Much of her planking had been removed and she was in real danger of being destroyed.

To ensure her purchase and transportation back to Cornwall with a view to her future restoration, Carol has worked closely with and had a great deal of assistance from Roger Hoskins (the son of the original owner). Ted Gundry, Graham Stone (Hauliers) and the Porthleven Development Trust have also been very important in this project’.

At the present time the estimated cost of restoring her is in the region of £40,000.

Photographs of her arrival below from DICK POWELL in Porthleven.