Flora Day c1914

Although no exact date can be given for the photographs on this page they are believed to have been taken just before the Great War of 1914.

FLORA DAY  circa 1914
Twenty minutes past noon, Mr.George Beringer`s clock records the time of the Mid-Day Dance on Flora Day wending its way down Meneage Street passing the shop of Kneebone Leather Cutter (as a sign in the window announces).
Mr. Kneebone stands on his shop doorstep, perhaps anticipating a surge in the sale of his leather for footware repairs after the day`s trip over the roughened sufaces of Helston`s pavements.
The leading couple are Mr. Henry Montague ROGERS, later Sir. Montague Rogers of Nansloe and Miss TYACKE of Tenderah.
Inspector KEAST leads the procession.
FLORA DAY circa 1914
The Mid-Day Dance in Church Street.
As an obvservation, it is surprising just how many times Sir.Montague Rogers led the Mid-Day Dance before the Great War.
You can see him in many of the old Flora Day photos found on this website.