Flora Day Dance’s


The `Dance` or more strictly speaking, `Dances` take place annually on May 8th, unless that date is a Sunday (day of worship) or a Monday (Market Day), and Furry Day (Flora Day) is observed as a holiday in Helston.

The individual festivities begin at the following times. Each dance starts from the Corn Exchange and processes through the streets, houses, shops and gardens of the town.

6-30 A.M. `Ringing in of the day` by St. Michael`s Church Bells

7 A.M. An Adult party of dancers.

8 A.M. The `Hal-an-Tow` pageant

9-45 A.M. A party of approximately 1000 Children.

12 NOON An Adult party – gentlemen in morning dress, ladies in traditional full length dresses.

5 P.M. An Adult party of dancers.

It should be noted that “FLORAL DANCE” IS NOT the correct title AND ‘Helstonians’ find this term INSULTING!!!!