Lugg’s Shop

LUGG`S Grocery Shop was located in Meneage Street and was once one of the town`s best-known small shops.

Mr & Mrs Lugg were “Free Church” people and a lot of their customers were members of the congregation. They were the mainstays of the “Little Ship Chapel” in Church street.

Mr Lugg was a carpenter, a short stumpy fellow, while Mrs Lugg was a sedate-looking lady.

When they died their daughter took over the business. Their son Chris lost a leg in the First World War but later became a business manager in the town.

Up until it closed in the early 1980`s, the inside of the premises gave customers an insight into what a grocers shop would have looked at the beginning of the 20th century. So unique was this that the shop fittings were bought by `Flambards` and now form part of their exhibition.