Flora Day 1857

CORNISH-GEN Digest, Vol 8, Issue 118
Weekly Newspaper. 15th May, 1857. News.

West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser. Friday 15th May, 1857.

HELSTON FLORA DAY – The Flora day was celebrated on Friday last the 8th instant, with more than usual gaiety. The weather throughout the day was as fine as could be desired, and the attendance of strangers was far more numerous than has been known for many years past.

The entrances to most of the inns were decorated with boughs and

In the early part of the day a procession, which caused much amusement, started from the once ancient city of St. Johns, where a self-elected corporation has of late years been formed.

The mayor and other officers of that city having been duly sworn in, they commenced to parade the streets of Helston, in the following order:-
Attendant on horseback; constables and police; “Aunt Mary Moyas[?]”, on horseback, fantastically dressed in flowers, &c., attended by her
knights and squires; band of music; the mayor of St. Johns, in cocked hat and wig, in a carriage dressed with evergreens and flowers, drawn by six Jerusalem ponies ridden by juvenile outriders in full costume; city crier in a carriage and pair; aldermen and councilmen two-and-two.

A proclamation of the rules and customs of the city was read by the crier in different parts of the town, and after parading the streets until after midday, they again returned to St. Johns. At half past one o’clock the dancing in the streets commenced, to the ancient flora tune. The first party was led off by Mr. T. P. TYACKE and Mrs. GLYNN GRYLLS, followed by Capt. GRYLLS, of Bosahan, and Mrs. TWEEDY, of Falmouth, and a very long train of dangers. Another party was led off by Mr. RICHARD PERRY and Miss EVA. Several other parties continued to follow in succession, till the shades of evening began to close upon dancers and spectators. The ball at the Angel Hotel in the evening, which was well and fashionably attended, was opened by Mr. FREDERICK HILL and Mrs. JOHN BORLASE, of Penwarne, and the dancing was kept up until three o’clock.